Running your own business ... and trying to juggle?

If you’re time poor, with a limited budget and want to ensure your reputation is out there working hard for you and your business, it’s not easy.

Does that mean that your marketing strategy has to take a back seat until you have the time and the money?

No! Now you can join the Reputation Marketing Mentoring programme and for a modest fee you get:

  • Access to the expertise you need
  • Answers to your questions
  • Lots of clever techniques that do a lot for a little
  • A better understanding of how to make a little marketing effort go a long, long way.

Why join the programme?

Marketing is a vast subject, but at the sharp end there are two sets of four things that are essential:

The first set is:

  • Knowing exactly who will be the very best clients for you
  • Knowing where to find them
  • Knowing what will get their attention
  • Knowing how to put that message in front of them

This is the core of marketing.

The second set is:

  • Reputation – influencing what people say and read about you
  • Authority – becoming the thought-leader for your industry so you’re the first name that comes to mind
  • Visibility – if you’re not seen, not just once, but regularly, you’ll quickly be forgotten
  • Expertise – people want to know how good you are – and you need a means of showing them – before they commit to buying your services/products.

This mentoring programme helps you to get all your ducks in a row.

The programme includes …

  • A 60 minute webinar every month to explore a specific marketing tool
  • A weekly Q&A session
  • A copy of The Reputation Game (usual cost £12)
  • The updated ebook – How to market your business better in 30 days (usual cost £17).
  • Access to my team’s advice on a range of marketing strategies.
  • Access to the private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get feedback and share your successes in between the monthly sessions.

How much?

Just £47 + VAT per month.