Write your own book

Whilst most people can write, a professional editor lifts a book from the merely average to something that conveys a powerful message. Remember, if people like your first book, they’ll buy the second one! Make sure your book stands out from the crowd.

  • You’ll get help to develop the plan for your book and professional editing of what you write.
  • You can have what you have already written edited.
  • You’ll have help to decide the best method of publishing.

Professional editing is much more than simply checking for typos, spelling errors and correcting grammar and punctuation (although we do that too). A good editor will help you to develop your concept into a structure that engages the reader and advise you on content and how to organise it effectively.

You’ll benefit from our knowledge of a range of publishing methods. Whether you choose to go to a publisher or wish to self-publish, you can rely on us to help you get your book into print.

You can also get help with developing a marketing strategy – even if you use a conventional publisher, their marketing is minimal, you can make a huge difference to the sales of your masterpiece.

Call us now on 01245 473296 or download Pipedream to Proposal to get you started in creating your book.  If you want the worksheet version of Pipedream to Proposal you can access that directly from The Treasure Chest.