Get an expert on your team

When it comes to getting your name out there you’ll find that regular information being distributed is a good way to maintain your Reputation, Authority, Visibility and Expertise. A good place to start is with:

  • 2-3 blogs every month
  • A couple of social media posts daily – posted in the right places
  • An email newsletter every month

This is the basic retainer package. However, most business owners have other things they need, but not all the time. Instead of paying full rate for your extra jobs you can now sign up for:

What’s on the PLUS list?

  • Copy for 2 webpages (or one long home page)
  • Landing page for promotional campaign
  • LinkedIn profile optimisation
  • Marketing flyer (copy and basic layout for finishing)
  • Article for magazine
  • Press release
  • Awards presentation
  • Facebook Likes or Push to Web campaign
  • Facebook page management
  • A 3 message email campaign
  • 5 autoresponder messages
  • Crowd funding pitch
  • Ebook or report from existing blogs

Solve your marketing problems and get the experts on your team – call now on 01245 473296 or contact us for more information.