Is your reputation shining bright and clear?

  • Do you leave your reputation to chance – or do you actively plan how to build and improve it?
  • How well protected is your reputation? Do you know how to take steps to secure it?
  • What are you doing to promote your reputation? How do people find out how good you are?

Don’t leave of it to chance – take active steps to plan, protect and promote your reputation.
Take control of your message, be proactive, generate positive ‘gossip’ and get more business.

Reputation Marketing

Good reputations don’t happen by accident. It takes effort and time to establish the reputation that puts your business in the spotlight and brings the people to your door, who want to work with you.
Find out how to take control.

Commercial Copywriting

When you’re running a business you need to get your message out there so that people know about you .
There are plenty of ways to do this – but is it making a difference?
Check out the possibilities

Social media support

Whether you need some guidance and getting your business profile in shape or want to develop a social strategy, just ask. 

Get the help you need to make your business shine on social!

Have you read The Reputation Gap yet?

Buy your copy now and discover how independent consultants, SMEs, corporate and not-for-profit organisations manage their reputations. The book is stuffed with tips, strategies and stories of the disasters and delights of reputation management, plus 5 case studies of how different types of company tackle keeping their own reputation shining. It’s an investment to put you and your business on the map.


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The face behind the expertise

Meet Lesley Morrissey, author, coach, trainer, consultant – and the leader of the Inside News team.

“I’m a lefty-brained, pedantic, bossy nag.  But our clients seem to like that!   I’m on a mission to improve communication generally and written communication in particular.”

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