Press Releases & Articles

Free marketing – if you get it right


To keep your profile high you need to get your organisation into print.  There are two ways to do this – one is to send press releases out, the other is to publish articles around your area of expertise.

Writing good press releases is a real art – and you need to know what a professional editor considers to be news.  You’ll find our experience will help you to provide focused press releases. We can also produce feature articles, expert interviews, human interest articles for journals and magazines.

We’ll help you to create a press list and find the right places to keep your profile in front of the people with whom you’d like to do business.

If you’d like to develop a higher profile writing for the media is often a good way to become a ‘guru’.  If you want to turn your ideas into professionally written articles, talk to us – and we can help you to develop a strategy to get your name in print.

Whether you want someone to write your articles or press releases on your behalf, edit what you’ve written or just some advice on how to find the right places to send your articles, give us a call on 01245 473296 and let’s start a conversation.


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Inside News is the source of a wealth of knowledge on the written media. The advice and guidance we've experienced has made a real impact on the level of services we are able to offer our clients. I'd recommend this company to anyone who want to communicate more efficiently with their target market. Tony Spinks, Managing Director, DesignsmartUK