How to get people to read your newsletter


  If you’re like most of us your inbox is full of stuff you don’t read – and don’t have time to read.  So, do you send your newsletter out and wonder why the open rate is barely in single

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Social media – does it work?


Most switched on businesses today use social media – for a variety of reasons.  The question is does it work? That depends on what your expectations are of your social media activity.  If you think that you’ll find your next

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Blogging for business


When I mention blogging many people groan; “I don’t have time,” they tell me.  Some of these people send a monthly newsletter out, most of them post material on social media – in my book that’s reinventing the wheel! I’m

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Do you use the Magic Matrix?


  More years ago than I care to remember I met Peter Thomson and spent lots of time in his development programmes.  One of things that he taught me that was very simple (but rarely used) is the Magic Matrix.

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Have you got a book in you?


I’m not talking an epic novel here – but, if you’re an expert in something, you’ve almost certainly got a book in your head.  The challenge is turning it into a powerful marketing tool. I’ve written a lot about writing,

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How about a little bribe?


Most business people will recoil at the idea of being offered a bribe.  Of course, you hear about corrupt business practices, but the majority of business people are ethical and honest.  So why would I suggest that you offer a

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‘… and the winner is …’


If you’re aiming to raise your profile there’s nothing like entering your local business awards.  Even if you don’t win your name gets known by more people.  Clearly, it would be better to actually win, but there are never any

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What will an autoresponder do for you?


  In the online marketing business people talk about ‘autoresponders’ a lot.  What exactly is one and what will it do for you? To be accurate an autoresponder is a service or system that sends an automated message or series

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5 ways to improve your email marketing


I write a lot of email campaigns for my clients and there are a few smart strategies I’ve picked up from experts over the years.  These are my top five: 1:  Write an ‘open me’ headline When it comes to

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Facebook – Social or Business?


If you’re in business and you’re not using social media to create and maintain visibility, you’re missing a trick!  However, which social media should you be active on? People call online networks ‘social media’, but does that mean it’s not

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What are people saying about YOU?

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