How social should your social media be?


If you’re running a business it’s sometimes hard to decide whether your social media should be you or your business. There are no hard and fast rules, but these are my observations. Generally: Never post anything negative about anyone else,

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‘Just’ blogging


Some of my clients ‘get’ blogging; others can’t see the point. The doubters don’t understand why they should invest in writing content for their blog.  Who sees it?  What will it do for your profit line?  How do I know

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When people want free advice


I was having a conversation with a group of business people recently and the subject came up about people who ‘pick your brains’ and, effectively get free advice. Some of these people don’t realise that they’re getting free consultancy –

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7 steps to make writing a book easy


If you’re a speaker, business trainer, consultant or any other kind of expert you’ll almost certainly have considered writing a book at some point.  So what’s stopped you so far? I blew a few excuses out of the water in

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Valuable material alert!


You’ve almost certainly landed on a squeeze page at some point if you use your computer or mobile device to research information or learn. What’s a squeeze page? One of those web pages that offers you a free download –

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You don’t have to be famous to be up for an award – your business may not qualify for the Oscars, but there are almost certainly awards that you can enter. Why bother?  It adds credibility to your business if

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What could Autoresponders do for you?


The simple answer is ‘build relationships’, but as with all simple answers, there’s a lot more to it than that. Here are some of the uses that autoresponders work for: Building your reputation:  When someone joins your list they are

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Email marketing or SPAM?


People are often worried about running email marketing campaigns – “I don’t want to spam the people on my list” they say.  And they’re right – we’ve all been on the receiving end of spam sales pitches from people who

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Does your Facebook page work?


You’ve probably come across Facebook pages with thousands of likes and an active community and wondered why yours only gets a couple of likes a week and hardly any engagement. It’s all to do with the amount of time, money

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Is crowd-funding your way forward?


Crowd-funding is on trend – everyone is using it from start-ups to Olympic sports teams.  Is it something you could use to help your business move to the next level? Anyone can launch a crowd-funding campaign – and there’s a

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What are people saying about YOU?

Get your copy of The Reputation Game and discover how to polish your reputation to a fine shine.


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