Is crowd-funding your way forward?


Crowd-funding is on trend – everyone is using it from start-ups to Olympic sports teams.  Is it something you could use to help your business move to the next level? Anyone can launch a crowd-funding campaign – and there’s a

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How to build a press list


If you haven’t done this already, you may be missing an opportunity. Most PR agencies will recommend that you send information – press releases – to relevant publications to get new coverage, but if you don’t have a PR agency

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What makes a good marketing flyer?


  Everything is digital these days – but then you have to go to a live event and have nothing except your business cards to promote your business. It’s time to create a flyer. Before you call up your designer

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LinkedIn – personal or company?


Many of my clients ask me whether they should be posting on LinkedIn as themselves or their company.  The answer is both, BUT – unlike Facebook, where Pages get a lot of traffic, company pages on LinkedIn are less visible.

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5 ways to STOP your website working


I write lots of web content and work with clients and web designers on making websites user-friendly. That may seem obvious, but sadly the surveys reveal that, offered the option of a glitzy, pretty website and one that has fantastic

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How to get people to read your newsletter


  If you’re like most of us your inbox is full of stuff you don’t read – and don’t have time to read.  So, do you send your newsletter out and wonder why the open rate is barely in single

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Social media – does it work?


Most switched on businesses today use social media – for a variety of reasons.  The question is does it work? That depends on what your expectations are of your social media activity.  If you think that you’ll find your next

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Blogging for business


When I mention blogging many people groan; “I don’t have time,” they tell me.  Some of these people send a monthly newsletter out, most of them post material on social media – in my book that’s reinventing the wheel! I’m

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Do you use the Magic Matrix?


  More years ago than I care to remember I met Peter Thomson and spent lots of time in his development programmes.  One of things that he taught me that was very simple (but rarely used) is the Magic Matrix.

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Have you got a book in you?


I’m not talking an epic novel here – but, if you’re an expert in something, you’ve almost certainly got a book in your head.  The challenge is turning it into a powerful marketing tool. I’ve written a lot about writing,

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What are people saying about YOU?

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