Who is in your Facebook audience?


Anyone who knows me has heard me on my soapbox about ideal client profiles may sigh a bit – I’m off again!  However, if you want Facebook ads to work for you, choosing who sees them is essential. If you

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How well do you look after your crowd-funders?


If you’re the head of a company that has shareholders, they have expectations.  For some investors this might be to attend a shareholders meeting – at least annually – to find out what’s going on in the business; for others

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What are your ideal clients reading?

clients reading

Getting press coverage is a tough mountain to climb – which is why many companies invest a substantial chunk of their marketing budget in hiring a PR agency.  These experts will devote their time to finding publications that are willing

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10 Top Marketing Tips


These are the things I find I have to ask my clients the most before we can get their project off the starting blocks!  Knowing the answers will put you several steps ahead of your competition: ONE – Know who

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What do you use LinkedIn for?


It’s a powerful platform and successful – or it wouldn’t have so many users (467 million from the last stats).  Microsoft wouldn’t have bought it if it didn’t have a future and that means that millions of people use it

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How much copy does your website need?


I’ve been writing web copy for well over a decade and clients still ask ‘how much content to I need?’  The glib answer is ‘as much as is needed to get your message across’, but it’s never as simple as

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How to create a newsletter with the minimum of effort


What’s the point of a newsletter? There should be one – and the best answer to the question is that it’s a great way to build relationships, but only if the content is what your list wants to read. Let’s

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How social should your social media be?


If you’re running a business it’s sometimes hard to decide whether your social media should be you or your business. There are no hard and fast rules, but these are my observations. Generally: Never post anything negative about anyone else,

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‘Just’ blogging


Some of my clients ‘get’ blogging; others can’t see the point. The doubters don’t understand why they should invest in writing content for their blog.  Who sees it?  What will it do for your profit line?  How do I know

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When people want free advice


I was having a conversation with a group of business people recently and the subject came up about people who ‘pick your brains’ and, effectively get free advice. Some of these people don’t realise that they’re getting free consultancy –

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What are people saying about YOU?

Get your copy of The Reputation Game and discover how to polish your reputation to a fine shine.


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